Welcome to Bubblewerks Car Wash

Bubblewerks Car Wash is dedicated to helping your car keep that “like-new” appearance. We are the most affordable car detailing facility in the Triangle without giving up quality!
We know life is busy, so let us take care of the details.

4 Exterior Only Packages

Basic Bubbles  $5.99

Better Bubbles $9.99 or $19.99/month

Best Bubbles $14.99 or $29.99/month

Bubblewerks Bubbles $17.99 or $34.99/month

5 Full Service Packages

Quick Service $17.99 (+$3 XL vehicles) or $49.99/month

Basic Service $21.99 (+$3 XL vehicles) or $59.99/month

Better Service $27.99 (+$3 XL vehicles) or $74.99/month

Best Service  $41.99 (+$5 XL vehicles)

Bubblewerks Service  $64.99 (+$10 XL vehicles)

XL Vehicles: ie minivans, expedition, armada, escalade, suburban, sequoia, yukon, XL pick up trucks, QX80, Merc GL, Lexus LX

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Interior Detail

Starting at $139/$149/$169/$189

Exterior Detail

Starting at $109/$119/$129/$149

FULL Detail

Starting at $189/$209/$229/$249

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