48 hour rain rewash

As you may know, we introduced the 48 hr rain rewash in late July of 2018. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, here’s a clear explanation of this new benefit. If you come back to us within 48 hours of your last purchase and bought a Full Service Wash or a Bubblewerks Bubbles exterior wash, we will put your car through the tunnel again. It’s a drive in and drive out wash. No towel dry and no tire shine. If it’s 50 hours later, we’ll let it slide but if it’s been 3 or more days, we will not. If you’re in our Rewards program, we can easily look up your last order but if you are not, then you will need to present a receipt. If you are part of the Rewards program, you can also show us the text you received when you were awarded points at the time of your purchase. 

This should go without saying but apparently we need to point it out. The rain REWASH applies to the same vehicle ONLY. It does not apply if you bought the wash at Cruizers or through another website. It ONLY applies if you made your purchase at our car wash. 

C48 hour rain rewash
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RV Detailing

Need your RV detailed? We offer interior and exterior detailing. This particular RV just needed a good wash and wax.


CRV Detailing
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Our Detail Department can work miracles!

No job is too big for us to undertake! Our Detail Team has been known to work small miracles and will get your vehicle looking like-new. Call us today to book your detail!


COur Detail Department can work miracles!
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