Raleigh, NC Car Wash With Car Wax Detailing Specials

Not many car-washing facilities make a blip on the radar within two months of opening, but, then again, not all car washes are like Bubblewerks. Two months opening in 2013, we were named the area’s best car wash by Wake Weekly. We haven’t wavered in our high-quality cleaning services since then, either.

Every customer that comes to Bubblewerks will see just how detailed each service is, no matter if it’s a quick exterior wash powered by our automatic wash tunnel or a complete hand-washing service. No matter what, we’ll always provide the finishing touch by hand: drying your car, wiping down the windows, removing bugs and scouring the door jambs come standard with even the simplest wash. From there, though, you can add on services that will make your vehicle look even better, and for a longer period of time. You can elect to have an interior cleaning, cup holder and dash cleaning, interior window cleaning and, of course, a vacuuming.

Many of our customers elect to have a wax detailing treatment as well. Wax is applied to the exterior of your car for additional shine, as well as to repel raindrops, dirt and other debris that can leave behind stains and cause your car to look dirtier, faster. Interestingly enough, wax can also provide reflective protection to your car’s paint job: with the sunlight bouncing off of it easier, it won’t soak in and fade your car’s color. And, with our many service options, you can have wax added to either your hand- or automatic-wash package.

Bubblewerks’ service list is always fairly priced, but you can expect to find regular car wash detailing specials on different days of the week. Check our website or call to find out if one of our car waxing treatments is going to be even easier on your wallet, today! You will find that we are the best Raleigh, NC car wash.

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